I invited family, friends and strangers to view our struggle with addiction.

After five days in publication, I want to say thank you, to so far: nine hundred readers who have downloaded my book Addict Child on Amazon. Paperback available soon.

Though comments have been amazing and supportive, there is an element of those who are concerned as to why I would divulge my daughter’s addictive past, and our struggle as a family through that horrendous time.

To purge my pain, I started, with Laura’s permission to blog daily my journey as the mother of an alcoholic. Unexpectedly this blog helped Laura to recover because friends and loved ones, who had not realised her struggle, came forward to support her. So far, the blog has received over fifty thousand views worldwide.

Laura has overseen the manuscript.

With Laura’s encouragement I have woven the threads of this blog into a book. She was adamant I proceed, and detail even the darkest elements of her addiction. She has a need to help others with the sharing of her experience. She is selfless in that way.

It is bringing addiction into the open that puts a stop to the secretive nature of addition. A secret addiction thrives on.


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